Our Vision


In life, your darkest moments can either define you or enlighten you .The Bravehearts envision a community in which all young adults are no longer defined by their adverse experiences, but know that their voices of survival and resiliency can bring healing to themselves, while helping to inspire the lives of their peers for future generations to come. We dream of the day where youth voice is no longer feared, filtered or discredited; but is nurtured, welcomed and embraced. A day where every youth exiting from the Child Welfare system has the access and ability to be gainfully employed, properly educated, securely housed and genuinely supported. We wish to end stereotypes and stigmas by striving to develop a community of healing. We envision building bridges of communication in which young adults and professionals value each others’ expertise and work in partnership to create trusting, engaging, and consistent relationships. This will support the development of authentic and creative service delivery and program implementation.